Welcome to your Single-Event training plan with coach Dan Shamburg, MS, CSCS

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There are a few simple steps to help you get running. This is not a cookie cutter plan designed for the average runner. We will start with a conversation and then I will adapt my unique training plans based on your goals and abilities.

The single-event program is designed to:

  • Prepare you to succeed for a specific race within a 12 week schedule. If more time is needed, we can add a base building period prior to the start of the 12-week program.

  • Help you perform at your peak while minimizing risk of injuries with an individualized training program.

  • Teach you to improve speed, endurance and improve running economy.

  • Eliminate the "junk" miles and make each workout count.

  • Improve your supplemental training to help you get stronger, stay injury free, recover, and peak for race weekend.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing you run your best,

Coach Dan


Step One: Schedule a time to talk.

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Step Two: Download VDOT App

I share my training plans via VDOT O2 app. You can sync your training directly from your GPS device (Garmin, Sunto, STRAVA) to VDOT. Download now.

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