Are you ready to PR and make 2020 your best year yet?


I am looking for runners to join the Shift Fitness Training Group for the 2020 Carlsbad Marathon and Half-Marathon on January 19th!


If you are interested in running the Carlsbad Marathon or Half-Marathon you may be eligible to join our 18-week coaching program.  Coach Dan is looking for runners who want to PR and take their running performance to the next level.

This is an 18-week program that includes a complete training system designed to:

  • Help you perform at your peak while minimizing risk of injuries with an individualized training program.

  • Teach you to use your heart rate to improve speed, endurance and improve running economy.

  • Show you training strategies that eliminate the "junk" miles and make each workout count.

  • Improve your supplemental training to help you get stronger, stay injury free, recover, and peak for race weekend.

  • Plus, receive weekly personalized coaching and community support to keep you on track and keep you accountable.


If you are tired of training programs with too many miles that don't help you run faster, this may be the perfect program for you.  In order to be considered you must:

  • Have completed at least one marathon or half-marathon (encouraged but not mandatory).

  • Be racing in the Carlsbad Marathon or Half Marathon (January 19, 2020).

  • Be able to travel to Carlsbad for a VO2max test.

  • Be ready to commit to a complete training system (we can integrate with any other workouts you are currently a part of).

  • Willing to commit to 4-6 training days per week.

  • Be coachable, and willing to fully commit to our training systems and programs.

Coaching Program Components

  • Personalized Training Plan: 18-week periodized plan that includes strength & mobility workouts.

  • Treadmill VO2max Testing: It is generally considered the best indicator of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. We will determine the best training zones to improve your performance and look at your ability to utilize fats and carbohydrates during exercise.

  • Online Support & Group Training: No matter where you live or train, you will have access to support online via Facebook Private Group, STRAVA, and email/text/messaging. We will also have group training runs & workouts to help you stay motivated, be accountable, ask questions, and challenge yourself to push your limits.

  • Also included: Initial Phone/Video consultation, Branded gear, Pre-race planning, group runs.

Our program will reflect your current training status and goals.  The program is a combination of in-person, group, and online-based training adapted to your current training level and goals.  To be considered for our 18-Week program, please fill out the application below:

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Coach Dan

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Training for an ultramarathon always leaves me short on time for strength work. It is really easy to skip lifts in favor of more miles. Because of this I prefer shorter strength workouts with a clear purpose and no slacking. .
Today I started with 4x4:00 Lactate Threshold on the bike at 242, 248, 250, and 247 Watts.
Then worked on explosive strength with cable push/pulls and 28kg KB swings.
3 x 10 KB Swings with 3 x 10 per side of cable Push-Pull. I always have a heavier weight for the pulling arm.